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Vegetable Spring Rolls

Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate the Year of the Pig, I am serving up lots of delicious Chinese dishes this evening and throughout the week. But on the first day of the new year, I decided to share my most crowd-pleasing Chinese recipe: Vegetable Spring Rolls! These Vegetable Spring Rolls are a crowd-pleaser for many reasons. They are warm, crispy and full of delightful vegetables and noodles. Plus, they can be enjoyed by everyone—vegetarians included! For the filling, I combine shredded carrots, cabbage, woodear mushrooms, scallions, rice noodles, and a few key Chinese sauces and oils. Then, I wrap the filling in store-bought spring roll wraps before they are plunged into a pot of oil and are deep fried until crispy. I have another recipe for Baked Spring Rolls that works great too, but I like to deep-fry these when celebrating as special as Chinese New Year. Crisp and golden fried spring rolls with plum sauce for dipping. Oh yeah, and that filling is 100% vegetarian! Once they come out of the fryer, I …

The Ultimate Veggie Nachos

Superbowl LII is just a few days away and it’s time to start thinking of some tasty snacks to serve on the big day. Chicken wings, pretzels, meat (in any form), and dips all make an annual appearance at the big game, but the Superbowl won’t be complete without nachos! Nachos are the ultimate Superbowl snack food. They are salty, savoury, cheesy, spicy, fresh, and hearty…and just about everyone loves them. There is little to no fuss for the host as well, just layer up the nachos, cook them in the oven and serve them to your guests right off the tray! It really couldn’t get any easier than that! Of course, there is a bit of a science to making the “ultimate” nachos- and that science involves layering. You can’t just dump the toppings onto nacho chips and call it a day- that would be horrible. Rather, you need to layer the chips, toppings and cheese in a certain way to: 1) make sure that every little nacho chip gets some of these delicious …

Mushroom Turnovers

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means… time for another #AppyHolidays post! This week I’m making a delicious Maltese appetizer that is guaranteed to fly off your table this holiday season: Mushroom Turnovers. This is a savoury take on the classic sweet turnover recipe, which is typically filled with fresh fruit or jam. Meaty cremini mushrooms are fried with onions and thyme and is mixed with creamy, rich sour cream. This delectable filling is then stuffed into a homemade turnover dough (that is if you can resist eating it straight from the pan!) that is made with flour, butter and ricotta cheese. The butter and ricotta cheese really make this dough light and airy yet very sturdy and able to hold the thick mushroom filling. While this recipe is quite a lot of work, the turnovers can be filled and frozen well in advance and can be cooked from frozen… which is super helpful around the holidays! Want to make this recipe yourself? See the full recipe here! Enjoy and #AppyHolidays!