Hello & Welcome to Season & Serve Blog!

My name is Melissa and I am a Vancouver Island-based recipe developer, food blogger and YouTuber.

My Food Blogging Journey

Season & Serve Blog began in 2016 shortly after completing my Master’s degree. I had a lot of free time available at this time, so I decided to start a blog and Instagram account to document and share all my recipes. Fast forward a few years later, I have hundreds of recipes available on my blog and have even launched a YouTube channel!

I love anything that has to do with food— whether it’s shopping for it, cooking it, or eating  it! Since moving to Vancouver Island in 2018, I  have enjoyed  cooking with all the wonderful local and seasonal ingredients that are available. I embrace the change in the seasons and bring the freshest, most nutritious ingredients into my cooking  to create unique and memorable recipes. From fresh seafood to local honey, the West Coast has a lot to offer and I enjoy discovering new ingredients as the seasons change.


Photos (left to right):  Me & my husband, David; EAT Vancouver 2015 with Anna Olson

What is Season & Serve Blog About?

Here on Season & Serve Blog, I share my recipes that are inspired by fresh and seasonal foods that are available. Most of these recipes are my own creations, while others are attempts at re-creating meals that I have eaten outside my home. Either way, my recipes are always changing with the seasons, so you are guaranteed to find the recipe that is perfect for you!

Be sure to also look for my posts about my Home and Garden where I grow tons of food in the summer months, as well as my Lifestyle page to catch a glimpse into my life here on Vancouver Island.

You can also find me on YouTube where I show you how to make seasonal recipes, and keep you updated on my home and garden and my life in general.

My Services

Apart from blogging, I offer a suite of services based on my expertise.

My services include:

  • Recipe Development
  • Food Photography & Styling
  • YouTube Videos
  • Sponsored blog posts and social media posts

If you would like to collaborate with me, connect with me through my Contact page or email me directly at seasonandserveblog@gmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favourite meal?

A medium-rare barbecued steak with a side of broccoli with cheese sauce. *Drool…*

What camera do you use for your photos?

I use my iPhone 11 Pro or my Canon G7x Mark II

Where do you get your dishes and cookware from?

Crate & Barrel, IKEA, HomeSense and Le Creuset.

What do you do other than food blogging?

I have a full-time job in the resource management field. When I’m not at work I love to be out and about exploring the city… and eating! There are so many fun events, cool restaurants and bars, and local markets that I love to go to. I also like to get out of the city and explore the province as well as other countries. On my lazy days, you can find me lying down browsing Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

Can I share your photos and recipes online?

Please request permission from me before you share my photos. My photos are copyrighted and are not available for free reuse or reuse with modification.

Please do not share my recipes online as they are copyrighted. If you want tell a friend or family member about a recipe that you liked, please direct them to my website. I do not allow other sources to publish my recipes without permissions.

Can I adapt a recipe from your website?

Yes, just be sure to reference my website and recipe page from which you got your idea!