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Magic Green Sauce

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! While people may be out celebrating with pints of green coloured beer, I’m celebrating with something a bit healthier. This Magic Green Sauce is healthy and 100% vegan– and it’s truly magical! So never mind that imaginary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This Magic Green Sauce is for real and anyone can enjoy it on just about anything! Creamy, fresh and a tad spicy- this Magic Green Sauce is great on anything! The Magical Ingredient(s) The magical ingredient in this Magic Green Sauce is…avocado! Everyone goes head-over-heels for this delectable fruit because it is so creamy. I use that to my advantage in this Magic Green Sauce to make the sauce super smooth. The avocado is also relatively neutral in flavour, so it can hold up to all the flavour that some key herbs are packing. I use the dynamic duo of parsley and cilantro to bring tons of flavour and vibrant green colour to this sauce. A little bit of jalapeño and garlic adds a nice …

The Ultimate Veggie Nachos

Superbowl LII is just a few days away and it’s time to start thinking of some tasty snacks to serve on the big day. Chicken wings, pretzels, meat (in any form), and dips all make an annual appearance at the big game, but the Superbowl won’t be complete without nachos! Nachos are the ultimate Superbowl snack food. They are salty, savoury, cheesy, spicy, fresh, and hearty…and just about everyone loves them. There is little to no fuss for the host as well, just layer up the nachos, cook them in the oven and serve them to your guests right off the tray! It really couldn’t get any easier than that! Of course, there is a bit of a science to making the “ultimate” nachos- and that science involves layering. You can’t just dump the toppings onto nacho chips and call it a day- that would be horrible. Rather, you need to layer the chips, toppings and cheese in a certain way to: 1) make sure that every little nacho chip gets some of these delicious …

Perfect Guacamole

If you love Mexican food just as much as I do, you know that your meal cannot be complete without guacamole. Add it to burritos, tacos, nachos, anything and I’m there- heck, I will even eat it straight out of the bowl with a spoon. I’ve had some really good guacamole in my day and have tried many different versions and combinations of ingredients to achieve the perfect balance of flavour (with mostly delicious results). Today, I am proud to say… See recipe here!