Soup Series: Wonton Soup

Hey there everyone! I am back again with another fantastic soup recipe for my #SoupSeries. I would say that this recipe for Wonton Soup is my quickest and easiest recipe in the series, but only if you do a bit of prep work in advance. Once you have the wontons all made (which is a tedious but highly rewarding task), this soup takes 15 minutes or less to cook from start to finish! How’s that for a quick and easy meal?!

As I mentioned above, the wonton-making process can be a bit tedious but trust me, it is DEFINITELY worth it. I take a quick short-cut by using store-bought wonton wrappers, just for convenience, but other than that, everything else that is going into them is homemade. I really like making my own fillings because you know exactly what ingredients are going into the wontons and you know how fresh they are- something that you don’t always know when buying them from the grocery store. Plus, if you make them homemade, you can fill them with just about anything you like!

Pork Wontons in the making!

I have had an affinity for Pork Wontons for quite some time. They are so rich and satisfying! But most recently, I tried my hand at making a batch of Vegetable Wontons and honestly, I might like them better than the Pork Wontons! The key for me is to add lots of mushrooms to the wontons to mimic the meaty flavour and cabbage for a soft texture along with my Asian trinity of flavours: ginger, chive and sesame oil. Mmm…those three ingredients go well on just about anything! But whichever one you choose to make will turn out amazing!

So when you have a spare hour or so on the weekend, or have nothing to do during a weeknight, get comfy and make a big batch of wontons. It can be a great artistic exercise with filling the wontons and folding them into whatever shape you like. You can make simple triangles, nurses’ caps, envelopes, Chinese-style, Hong-Kong style or you can get creative and make your own shape! Once all wrapped up, you can freeze them in plastic bags and can use them whenever you are in need of a quick Wonton Soup fix. How’s that for a great weeknight dinner?!

Are you up for some Wonton Soup? And would you go for Pork or Vegetable Wontons? Let me know in the comments below!

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