Blueberry Stuffed Chicken

Blueberries are getting the royal treatment today on the blog with this elegant recipe for Blueberry Stuffed Chicken!

We are in the fourth day of #BCBlueberryWeek here on the blog and I am excited to reveal this recipe to you. Not only did I work really hard on the food styling (I feel so professional) but I also worked hard on the recipe too! It had many similar components as my Blueberry and Grilled Chicken Salad that I posted a few days ago- chicken, goat cheese and blueberries (of course)- but these flavours just go so well together! The only thing that’s different is how I prepared and presented them!

Blueberry stuffed chicken
Food styling at its finest… I am so proud LOL!!

Stuffed chicken breasts are a mid-week favourite around here. I stuff chicken with spinach and cheese, sundried tomatoes, cheese and ham, rice and spinach- you name it! But I particularly love stuffed chicken breasts because they are so versatile! You can take them from a humble mid-week meal to a star main course at a dinner party in no time!

I definitely think that stuffing the chicken breast with outside-the-box ingredients puts you on the right path to impressing your guests…or your family during the week. Blueberries just so happen to be that unexpected ingredient that works so well with chicken! Add in some delicious goat cheese and fresh from the garden basil as complimentary flavours and you’re pretty much all the way there. But you really finish strong when your wrap that whole sucker up in sliced Italian prosciutto. Drool….That’s when you know you came to win.

Blueberry stuffed chicken
Prosciutto really makes everything better…

And of course, I didn’t stop there. I wanted to up my game with some sauce! Most elegant dishes have a sauce component that took hours and hours to make. But not here! I kept things plain and simple by making an easy blueberry sauce (with subtle hints of nutmeg and cinnamon) to really show off blueberries as the star ingredient. It really adds something extra and is delicious with the salty prosciutto!

Finally, the assembly of everything and the presentation really changes the dish. I opted to present this dish in a more elegant way by slicing the chicken breast and laying it on top of some cooked brown rice. I also added a nice blueberry sauce design in the plate and some extra basil leaves and fresh blueberries for garnish. It’s gorgeous- and I would be so impressed if this was set down in front of me to eat!

Blueberry stuffed chicken

All in all, I am super happy with how this recipe turned out. I’ll be making this for the rest of the summer (or until my blueberries run out)! Let me know in the comments below if you would like to try this recipe out!

For the full recipe, click here!

Blueberry stuffed chicken

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