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The Lazy Mojito

Happy first day of Summer! I have been crazy busy the last few weeks and I haven’t found enough time to do any recipes for you guys! I’m sorry! But you will probably forgive me when you find out why I have been so busy…. I’m going to Europe for a month! I am BEYOND excited! My first stop is in jolly old London- where I will be a bridesmaid in my best friend, Anita’s, wedding! I met Anita in my second year of undergrad at UofT on Halloween. Up until the end of our fourth year we were inseparable. Anita moved back to Iran and later studied interior design in Italy and we haven’t seen each other in person since that last day of undergrad when she flew home ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It will be quite the reunion! And my other bestie, Tyler (who moved to Australia after undergrad and who I haven’t seen in 2+ years) will also be joining so it is going to be even better! After London, I will be traveling to …

Patio-Perfect Red Wine Sangria

Looks like we are 2-0 for sunny Fridays this month! How perfect is that for my #PatioSeries?! For this weeks post, I present the patio drink of all patio drinks: sangria. Let’s be real…I couldn’t do a #PatioSeries without my recipe for Patio-Perfect Red Wine Sangria! I love everything about sangria: First, there is red wine involved- enough said. Second, there is some Triple Sec in there which gives the sangria a nice orangy and boozy kick. Typically, most sangria recipes also call for the addition of brandy. I decided to omit it in my recipe since brandy is not really my favourite flavour, and with the addition of orange juice and sparking water (also a much cheaper alternative) you still get a great tasting sangria. Third, sangria is the perfect drink + snack combo. If you happen to get a little hungry while sipping away on your sangria, simply snack on the alcohol soaked fruit. It’s just like in university days when you added gummy bears to a vodka drink, only much healthier with …

BC Blueberry Pie

We are in the height of blueberry season right now here in BC and I just can’t get enough of these delicious sweet berries. I have been putting them in everything lately- smoothies, salads, yogurt, muffins- everything has blueberries! I really enjoy this seasonal treat and what better way to celebrate it than with a beautiful blueberry pie. This recipe is sure to win you a blue ribbon at a pie contest and make all of your guests smile. See the recipe here!

Lebanese Turkey Koftas with Refreshing Yogurt Dip

When summertime rolls around, I really enjoy eating foods that are fresh, light, and delicious- and this recipe for Lebanese Turkey Koftas is definitely sure to satisfy these needs. Traditionally in Lebanese and other Middle Eastern cooking, koftas are often made with beef or lamb mixed with different herbs and spices and are grilled on skewers. As lamb can sometimes be difficult to find and beef may be too heavy for summertime, I have put a twist on the classic Lebanese lamb kofta by switching the lamb or beef out for lean ground turkey- making it a lighter and healthier alternative. Pair these delicious bite-size koftas with my Refreshing Yogurt Dip, hummus,ย and some cool and refreshing veggies and your tastebuds (and summer bod) will thank you. See the recipe here!