My Favourite Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Today, I am sharing some of my favourite Mexican recipes that you can serve at your own fiesta!

Check out these fun (and spicy šŸŒ¶) recipes below!

Chorizo Queso Fundido

This cheesy, and spicy dip is the best summer appetizer ever! It is definitely a crowd pleaser for anyone who likes a melty cheese dip, chorizo sausage and fresh peppers.

In this recipe, I use a combination of cream cheese and Monterey Jack cheese to give a creamy texture. This combination of cheeses really helps to hold onto the chorizo crumbles and the peppers, making this dip totally scoopable and delicious. I like to serve this dip with some nacho chips and some cherry tomatoes for freshness.

You can make this outdoors on the BBQ to give the dip a delicious BBQ flavour, or you can use your oven as well if you don’t have a BBQ.

Get the recipe for my Chorizo Queso Fundido here!

Smokey Chorizo Soup

If it is still a bit chilly out, you celebrate with this Smoky Chorizo Soup! Not only do I use local chorizo sausage, I also use a delicious local Smoked JalapeƱo Montery Jack Cheese from Red Barn Markets!

To bring out all the delicious flavours in this soup, I roast up tomatoes, onions and peppers then puree them to make the soup base. This is a great technique to use in the winter months when vegetables are available but aren’t at their best flavour.

If the soup wasn’t good enough on it’s own, I top it off with freshly made tortilla strips, sour cream, cilantro, radish, jalapeƱo slices and cilantro!

Get the recipe for Smokey Chorizo Soup here!

Vegetarian Calabacitas Enchiladas

If you’re looking for a vegetarian recipe to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, look no further than these Vegetarian Calabacitas Enchiladas!

These enchiladas are stuffed with a zucchini, corn and sour cream mixture. It’s so flavourful and creamy…I could almost eat the filling on it’s own!

To add more flavour, I top the enchiladas with a homemade green chile salsa. This salsa is super easy to make is is also great on top of eggs for breakfast!

Get the recipe for my Vegetarian Calabacitas Enchiladas here!

Spicy JalapeƱo Margarita

The perfect beverage to wash down all this delicious food is my Spicy JalapeƱo Margarita!

This sweet and spicy margarita is a fun take on a traditional margaritaā€“ and it’s easy enough to make at home! Enjoy this beverage on Cinco de Mayo and all summer long!

Get the recipe for my Spicy JalapeƱo Margarita here!


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