Soy Sauce Chicken

Soy Sauce Chicken is a classic Chinese dish. A whole chicken is marinated and then poached in a pot full of soy sauce and various spices. Once cooked, it’s cut up into chunks and served warm or at room temperature. While this recipe is a bit challenging to make at home, it’s much cheaper than purchasing a Soy Sauce Chicken from the store– and you get to modify the spices to suit your taste! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Am I right?

Soy Sauce Chicken - Season & Serve Blog
Crispy chicken skin, juicy meat and lots of sauce with rice <3

Recipe Testing: 3 chickens and a jug of soy sauce later…

I set out to make Soy Sauce Chicken mainly to see if I could actually make it at home. I love a culinary challenge! While I had eaten this dish numerous times (and loved it), I had never made it from scratch…so I did LOTS of research on how to make it. There are tons of variations for the preparation of this dish. Some recipes call for the chicken to be marinated for just a few hours to marinating it overnight. Some stuffed the chicken with ginger and scallions, some didn’t. And some called for the chicken to be poached, while others suggested roasting was the better method.

As with all my recipes, I test each recipe at least three times before posting it up on my blog. So three chickens and a jug of soy sauce later, here are the results from my testing:

  • Marinate the chicken overnight– do this breast side down and weight the top of the chicken with a small saucer and a heavy canned food item to keep the chicken fully submerged in the marinade.
  • Dilute the soy sauce with some water for the marinade– a marinade that is 100% soy sauce will be WAY too salty!
  • Poach the chicken first, then roast it– because crispy chicken skin is the best!
  • Before roasting, sprinkle a bit of Chinese Five Spice powder over the chicken for some extra flavour and to compliment the spices in the marinade.

A Symbol for Chinese New Year

While Soy Sauce Chicken can be enjoyed year round, it is a great meal to serve for Chinese New Year as serving a whole chicken represents family and togetherness. To really get the message across, it is best to serve the chicken with the head and feet still on, and then remove them once you present it to your guests. Of course, you don’t have to do this (especially if your guests are squeamish!), a regular roast chicken works just as well too!

For the full recipe for my Soy Sauce Chicken, click here!


Soy Sauce Chicken - Season & Serve Blog

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