Endive Spears with Black Olive Tapenade

We are almost there! We have two days left of 2016 but we have one more final push of holiday parties to go…this time for New Years.

With all the holiday parties and dinners this season, I have to admit that I have overindulged. I don’t really mind as Christmas only comes once a year, but I feel like I need to really get myself back in order to start of 2017 off on the right foot. But with the final push of New Year’s parties around the corner, comes the temptation to indulge again. In an effort to avoid this temptation, I’ve created an elegant, refreshing appetizer that is sure to please all your guests and get them on the right start for 2017 as well- Endive Spears with Black Olive Tapenade.


Black olive tapenade is a classic Mediterranean spread that is normally eaten with bread, added on top of pizza, or mixed in with warm pasta. All are delicious options, but this tapenade can be elevated to a much lighter and healthier level when served in crisp, refreshing endive spears. This elegant, vegetarian appetizer can be served at any holiday or New Years party and will easily please all of your guests!

See the recipe here!






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