How to Plant a Goth Garden

I am already planning for my fall garden, and this year I wanted to make it spooky by creating a goth garden! The fall/autumn season is my favourite season of the year, and Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year… so I decided to go all in on this goth garden this year. Even though I just planted my goth garden a few days ago, I already love the look and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in September and October.

There are many styles of goth gardens out there, but my goth garden is full of dark purple, black, and red plants that add a wonderful dark and eerie vibe. I used a combination of annuals, perennials, vegetables, and herbs to have lots of variety, and so that I can actually eat some of the plants in this garden.

If you want to learn how to grow a goth garden and to see what plants may work best, continue reading this post down below! Be sure to also check out my YouTube video to see how I planned and planted my goth garden! 🖤💀

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Watch me plant my goth garden in my YouTube video here!

What is a Goth Garden?

A goth garden (aka a gothic garden) is a garden that is inspired by gothic style. These gardens often have an eerie vibe with curated plants, statues, and hardscaping elements that reflect the theme of death. It sounds pretty intense, but in a strange way, these gardens are still gorgeous and strangely peaceful.

Now many of us may not have the space or resources to turn an entire garden space into a goth garden, but these can always be done on a smaller scale. I have selected a small part of my garden to achieve this look and I think that it is going to be beautiful.

What to Plant in your Goth Garden

There are many varieties of annuals, perennials, vegetables, and herbs that can be grown in a goth garden. To achieve that goth garden look, I chose a variety of plants and crops that have foliage and/or vegetables that have dark colours. I have focused on deep purples, blacks, and reds, and I think that these colours really help to being the theme through in my garden this year. Here is a full list of the seeds that I planted in this video:


Get Inspired!

Since I decided to create a goth garden about a month ago, I relied heavily on my local garden center for plants that have been started so that I could have them for the summer and fall seasons. Additionally, I only selected seed varieties that had a short growing time and would mature before winter arrives.

I still found some lovely options, however there are tons of other plants that you could include in your goth garden if you plan for it earlier on in the spring months. I have scoured all my favourite websites and have curated a list of additional flower, vegetable, and herb options that you may wish to grow in your goth garden.

Flower Inspiration

There are tons of different flowers that will go great in a goth garden. I have curated a list of flowers that have deep purples, blacks, and reds blooms and/or foliage. I have also curated some odd looking flowers such as the Love In A Mist/Nigella varieties that look like they come from another planet!


Vegetables & Herbs

I love the idea of doing an edible goth garden filled with dark coloured vegetables and herbs. Not only do these plants look amazing and creepy as they grow together, they can be eaten once they are ready to harvest!


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