Quiche Florentine

No matter what time of day, quiche is always a good idea. You can serve it for breakfast or brunch as a protein-packed way to start the day. You can serve it as a light lunch or dinner with a side salad. Or you can just eat a slice for a snack! No matter what, it will always be satisfying and will taste delicious…especially if you use my recipe for Quiche Florentine!

Quiche Florentine - Season and Serve Blog

The Meaning of ‘Florentine’

If you have had anything in a ‘Florentine’ style before, you will know that spinach is going to be involved in the recipe. This ‘Florentine’ style comes from France where recipes were served on a bed of spinach. Who knew? Of course, this Quiche Florentine is packed full of spinach (about 8 cups worth) along with some other tasty ingredients including shallots, eggs and cheese.

Quiche Florentine - Season and Serve Blog

Crust is Necessary

One if the beauties of quiche is that you can modify the filling however you please, but ALWAYS make it with a crust! I feel that it’s the proper way to enjoy quiche- and that’s really what makes it a quiche– otherwise, it’s just baked eggs 😛

This crust is simple to make and only requires four ingredients. It is also versatile enough to use for sweet recipes as well! However, the trick to this crust is to bake it before adding in the filling. This avoids soggy crust entirely so that you can enjoy those lovely little flakes and crumbles! Plus, you can make the crust the day before and have it ready to go once you are ready to bake the quiche too– a total time saver!

So if you like what you see, try making this delicious Quiche Florentine this spring! I guarantee that it will be a hit!

Get the full recipe for my Quiche Florentine here!

Quiche Florentine - Season and Serve Blog

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