Honeyed Greek Yogurt with Blueberry Jam

#BCBlueberryWeek continues today with a healthy, blueberry-filled breakfast recipe. This recipe for Honeyed Greek Yogurt with Blueberry Jam is so sweet and delicious that it could almost be a healthy dessert rather than a breakfast!

Even though this is a simple and straightforward recipe, the combination of ingredients are set to stand the test of time. Honey, lemon and blueberries are commonly used in breakfast recipes and are considered a classic combination for a reason.

Honeyed Greek Yogurt and Blueberry Jam

Yep..those are real blueberry leaves!

I opted to add the honey and lemon directly into the Greek yogurt, rather than the blueberry jam itself so that the flavours do not cook out or fade during the cooking process. Plus, Greek yogurt can sometimes be tangy (perfectly complimented by the lemon zest), but are sometimes bland overall, so the addition of honey and lemon really makes it taste so much better. You only need to add a little bit of honey to the Greek yogurt, since the blueberry jam gets mixed in with the yogurt as you eat it.

Speaking of sweet blueberries, the jam consists of just that– blueberries! When blueberries are in season and are picked fresh, they are super sweet and flavourful. There is no need to add any sugar at all! I simply add the blueberries to a small sauce pot with a few tablespoons of water and cook everything together until the blueberries have burst open and have released all of their juices. Once the jam cools off, it thickens up quite considerably which makes it sort of a jammy consistency…perfect for topping off the yogurt with!

Honeyed Greek Yogurt and Blueberry Jam

The blueberry jam seeps into the yogurt and makes everything taste like blueberry!

And the recipe is as simple as that! Just top the honeyed Greek yogurt off with the blueberry jam along with some extra lemon zest and a sprig of mint! That’s it! A super simple and super easy recipe that can be whipped up in a flash for breakfast, brunch…or even dessert 😛 Let me know in the comments below when you would love to have this delicious meal!

Get the full recipe for Honeyed Greek Yogurt with Blueberry Jam here!

Honeyed Greek Yogurt and Blueberry Jam



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