Winter Fruit Salad

Nowadays, it’s typical for every fruit and vegetable in the grocery store to have a passport. In Canada, this makes sense as the majority of the country is frozen during our long winters, which makes it difficult to grow food (other than what can be grown in a greenhouse). In reality, our fruit season is relatively short- from June to late October- depending on where you are in Canada and what you are growing…so thank goodness for imports!


During this time of year, many fruits that are sold in BC and throughout Canada are imported from warmer climates- particularly from California, Florida, and Mexico. While these fruits aren’t local, we still need to eat fruit to get our vitamins and to stay healthy. This Winter Fruit Salad combines the most flavourful fruits of the season from all over the world together in salad form. In my fruit salad, I used oranges (Florida, USA), clementines (Spain), kiwi (New Zealand), pomegranate (California, USA), pears (Italy), and good ol’ Canadian apples (Okanagan, BC). Wow- fruits from three continents! That’s actually pretty crazy when you think of it…

Serve this salad all by itself or top with yogurt and granola for an extra healthy kick this winter!

See the recipe here!


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