Chicken Saltimbocca

During American Thanksgiving week, I always get a bit envious of Americans getting to celebrate the most delicious holiday of the year. Even though we had Thanksgiving just over a month ago here in Canada, I start to crave those warm and comforting Thanksgiving flavours again.

So to experience those flavours without having to cook an entire turkey dinner again, I decided to make this simple and quick Chicken Saltimbocca recipe! This recipe can be made in under 30 minutes and has all the delicious flavours of Thanksgiving…and even has gravy!

Chicken Saltimbocca- Season and Serve Blog

A Bit about Fresh Sage

If there is one flavour that stands out at Thanksgiving, it has to be fresh sage! You typically use sage in bread stuffing, but is also used to add flavour to your turkey and/or gravy.

Fresh sage has a beautiful green-blue colour and the leaves are velvety soft. It’s a very powerful herb (even when used fresh) and has a strong earthy, peppery and lemony flavour. Dried sage is even stronger in flavour, but for this recipe, I prefer to use it fresh since it tastes better and looks prettier!

An Italian Recipe Perfect for Thanksgiving

Besides the use of fresh sage and the fact that this recipe has gravy, this recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving since it uses chicken! It’s a great recipe for a small Thanksgiving meal and trust me, you won’t even miss the turkey!

To make this Chicken Saltimbocca, I place fresh sage on top of a chicken breast and then wrap prosciutto around it. I fry it up to get the prosciutto and chicken nice and crispy and golden brown – how easy is that? 

Chicken Saltimbocca- Season and Serve Blog

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