Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decor

Spooky season has arrived and I have our house all decorated for Halloween! 🎃👻

Although Halloween may look different this year, I am glad that we are able to still celebrate and hand out candy to kids where we live. Since it’s been such a crazy year, I have decided to go all out on our Halloween decor for this year just to make it extra special for all the trick-or-treaters! Check out my tips (and tricks!) on how to decorate your home for Halloween!

Use Natural Elements

Natural elements like pumpkins, corn stalks, and hay are such a beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate the outside of your home for Halloween. Pumpkins and squash can also serve a dual purpose as decor and food as well! When Halloween has passed, you can cook up your pumpkins or squash, or store them in a cool and dark place over the winter. Plus, there are so many varieties of pumpkin and squash that are available that you can go with all monochromatic colours, or mix and match to make your own design.

If you want to keep your pumpkins, corn stalks, and hay outside for a long time, make sure to display them in a covered area where they won’t get rained on.

Outdoor Halloween Decor - Season & Serve Blog

Don’t Pass Up the Dollar Store or Thrift Stores

The dollar store and thrift stores are the ONLY places that I shop for Halloween decor. The dollar store has some really great items like cobwebs, fake spiders, indoor lights, and spooky props that are inexpensive. Plus, most, if not all of the items are plastic, which can withstand the elements and can be used year after year.

Thrift stores are also a great place to shop as you can collect old items that look spooky, and you can sometimes find high-end Halloween decor for a much cheaper price. For instance, I found a skull and bones set at the thrift store for $9.99 when it retailed for almost $50! What a spooky steal!

I also love shopping at dollar stores and thrift stores because I don’t want to spend too much money on Halloween decor…I’d rather save my money for Christmas decor! 😛

Outdoor Halloween Decor - Season & Serve Blog

Add Spookiness with Lights

String lights aren’t just for Christmas– you can also use them for Halloween decor. I love adding lights around my house and yard to give it some more ambiance and a different feel. Plus, you can totally change the look and feel depending on what colour lights you choose. For instance, orange, green and purple lights are classic for Halloween and are joyful. Red lights on the other hand can give off a horror feeling and would be good if you decorated your house in a scarier theme!

Lights also add a bit of well…light… for trick-or-treaters so that they can see where they are going at night!

Also, when using lights, make sure that you lay out extension cords where people can see them or where they won’t trip!

Watch to see How I Decorated My Home for Halloween

Check out my brand new YouTube video showing you how I decorated the outside of our home for Halloween!


I had so much fun decorating my house for Halloween this year! I hope that you enjoyed these simple outdoor halloween decor ideas!

Happy Halloween, everyone! 🎃👻🦇💀🕷️

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