Crispy Baked Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

December is halfway over and by now, holiday parties are in full swing. My calendar is getting pretty full with parties with friends and co-workers and I am thinking of hosting a little party of my own. I admit, it’s got me a little stressed- you know with preparing host/hostess gifts, cooking food to bring, and of course, choosing the perfect party outfit (my outfit selection actually stresses me out the most). But hey, that’s the holidays! At least there is plenty of wine and cocktails to help me cope!

If you have also been invited to attend or are hosting a holiday party this season, I have got you covered with my #AppyHolidays series. This Thursday I give you, Crispy Baked Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce. Don’t they look amazing? They taste good too!


Now for me, the holidays aren’t complete without some sort of Asian food. I know… it’s weird. I think I may have this embedded in me since I used to work at M&M Meat Shops where we would sell hundreds of packages of Vegetable Spring Rolls (PLU 492) and Oriental Party Packs (an assortment of Asian-inspired appetizers) (PLU 501) . I guess if I remember the PLU’s then yes, it’s definitely from working there. But seriously, they always seemed to find their way to holiday parties where I would gobble them up.

Even though they are not the healthiest, I still miss the Vegetable Spring Rolls the most. I would totally go out and buy them, but alas there are no M&M Meat Shops remotely close to where I live 🙁 But rather than wallowing in my own misery, I’ve come up with a much healthier spring roll recipe that tastes just as good! These crispy spring rolls are stuffed full of fresh vegetables and are baked, not fried- so you can feel a bit better about eating them. Paired with my homemade Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce and voila– I have no need to buy pre-made spring rolls ever again!

Try out this recipe this season and let me know in the comments below if I have converted you!

See the full recipe here!


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