Lebanese Turkey Koftas with Refreshing Yogurt Dip

IMG_5409When summertime rolls around, I really enjoy eating foods that are fresh, light, and delicious- and this recipe for Lebanese Turkey Koftas is definitely sure to satisfy these needs. Traditionally in Lebanese and other Middle Eastern cooking, koftas are often made with beef or lamb mixed with different herbs and spices and are grilled on skewers. As lamb can sometimes be difficult to find and beef may be too heavy for summertime, I have put a twist on the classic Lebanese lamb kofta by switching the lamb or beef out for lean ground turkey- making it a lighter and healthier alternative. Pair these delicious bite-size koftas with my Refreshing Yogurt Dip, hummus, and some cool and refreshing veggies and your tastebuds (and summer bod) will thank you.

See the recipe here!

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