Morning Glory Muffins

How’s this for some Monday motivation?! These Morning Glory Muffins are a healthy and nutritious breakfast that can be enjoyed any day of the week!

I’m still on my New Years health kick! While muffins aren’t always considered to be the healthiest food in the world, these Morning Glory Muffins are chocked full of healthy ingredients. Plus, they make me feel less guilty of the flour, brown sugar and a pat of butter 😛

These muffins start with a basic mixture of flour, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, oil, brown sugar and vanilla– and they just get better from here on out! I add a ton (about 3 cups in total) of sweet and delicious shredded carrot and shredded apple. Carrots and apple contain lots of vitamin A and carrot contain lots of beta carotene and fibre. So these are good for your vision and your gut! I also add a heaping teaspoon of orange zest for its bright citrus flavour and the health benefits of vitamin C. Rather than adding white sugar, I opt to add locally made honey to give these muffins some extra healthy sweetness. Cinnamon and nutmeg also mingle in this mix, as cinnamon helps to improve your metabolism and nutmeg reduces blood pressure. Finally, I add walnuts and pumpkin seeds for a bit of crunch and for their fantastic healthy oils.

But really, besides the point of all these ingredients having good health benefits, they just taste great together!

Start your day off right with these delicious muffins! These muffins can keep on the counter,covered for 3-4 days. Alternatively, you can freeze them for up to two months. Simply thaw in the microwave or on the counter overnight to enjoy!

For the full recipe for my Morning Glory Muffins, click here!


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