Shortbread Cookies

The “12 Days of Christmas” series continues today on my blog! For the third day of Christmas, I have another traditional recipe—Shortbread Cookies!

This Shortbread Cookie recipe has been passed down in my family for generations and was originally developed by my great-grandma. I have never met her, but I know that she would be happy with me sharing her recipe with all of my readers. However, I bet she would have never imagined that I would share it over the internet 😛

Shortbread Cookies
Traditional red, white and green sprinkles make these Shortbread Cookies ultra festive!

I have had many shortbread cookies before and I can definitely say that this one is, hands down, the best I have ever had. I am not just saying that because it is my family recipe, I truly mean it. Sometimes, shortbreads can be too light and crumbly. Sometimes they are overpoweringly sweet. Or sometimes, there is no flavour to them at all. That is not the case here.

These Shortbread Cookies are on the firmer side and crumble perfectly in your mouth—the texture is on point! I suspect that this comes from the whole pound of butter that goes into this recipe. Don’t worry though…this recipe makes a LOT of cookies. I also use salted butter in this recipe since the salt adds more flavour to the cookie dough and gives it a savoury edge. To counteract this savoury flavour, these cookies are sweetened perfectly with icing sugar (as opposed to granulated sugar). The icing sugar gives the dough a lighter texture since it is finer than granulated sugar, and it lends just the right amount of sweetness.

While you can just serve the cookies plain, I like to add a bit of decoration to these cookies during the holidays with some sprinkles. You can use whatever coloured sprinkles you like. I opted for traditional Christmas colours: red, white and green, but you can decorate these however you want. This also makes a fun task for kids…and adults as well 😛

If you are looking for a great foundational Shortbread Cookie recipe, this is it. Try it out this holiday season for yourself—you will make my great-grandma and I very proud. Stay tuned to see how I adopt this foundational recipe to make two more shortbread cookie variations during the #12DaysOfChristmas series! I promise that you will love these two recipes as well!

For the full recipe for these Shortbread Cookies, click here!

If you would like more holiday cookie recipes, follow along with my #12DaysOfChristmas series on my blog! I will be posting a holiday cookie recipe daily up until Christmas Day!

Have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you tomorrow with my fourth cookie recipe! #12DaysOfChristmas

Shortbread Cookies

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