Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote

Lots of people wonder where I learned to cook so well. Here’s the truth: I got it from my mama!… and my grandma too!

My mom and my grandma are two of the best cooks that I know. They have always cooked the most amazing, and most flavourful food. One of their secrets is to buy the best ingredients available. So even if this means spending a bit more money, they will do it because they know the food will be that much better and they know people will remember them for it.

Another one of their secrets (and one that works so well that it is the main focus of this blog) is to buy local food wherever available. I remember going to pick strawberries as a kid just outside of Mississauga, Ontario to make jam, or driving through Niagara to get fresh peaches and plums in the summer to make a fruit pie, and going to Hazel Ontario to get smoked pork chops, corn, and lots of cheese for a hearty fall meal. The food just tastes so much better than imported food from the grocery store- and you can support local producers! Total win-win! Not only do I have wonderful memories of the food, but also memories of the many journeys and the time we spent together. That is what food is all about for me.

So, this recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote goes out to all the wonderful mothers out there who share these same memories with their kids. I use local (and in season) rhubarb in this recipe along with rhubarbs best friend: the strawberry. This is truly like an ode to strawberry-rhubarb pie, just without the pie crust and with locally made Tahitian Vanilla ice cream (from Earnest Ice Cream) instead. The flavours are also turned up with a hint of orange zest and cinnamon…oh and some Grand Marnier- because moms deserve the best!

Now, what mom wouldn’t love this sweet and tangy treat on her special day?! See my full recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote here!

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