Power Up! Choco-Coconut Power Balls

With this cold, dreary March we have been having so far, I am in desperate need of a pick me up. With the weather we have been having recently (it snowed AGAIN on Sunday) I have been so sluggish and unmotivated to do anything. At this point, all of the coffee, puppies, and flowers, in the world couldn’t help me at this point.  Ok… maybe the puppies would help. But, instead of continuing to mope this past weekend, I took matters into my own hands to create a few little pieces of happiness for myself. As it so happens, these little pieces of happiness are delicious and are also good for you.

My Choco-Coconut Power Balls are a tasty, healthy, and filling snack to have on hand when you need a little bit of extra energy. These Power Balls are packed with sweet dates, creamy nut butter, crunchy oats, tender coconut, and rich cocoa powder that when combined, really fills you up. While I am excited about the fact that these Choco-Coconut Power Balls are super energizing and can last for a few days in the fridge (hello meal prep wonder!) they are also uncooked and have no added sugar and dairy—making these treats raw and vegan. I mean, does it really get any better?

So, if you are in need of a quick pick me up, whip up a batch of these Choco-Coconut Power Balls. You will definitely have the energy to let all that happiness shine through after snacking on these!

Melissa 🙂

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