Basic Betch-table Soup

Today was another typical Sunday. I woke up, made a breakfast of egg white omelette and a smoothie, make a fresh press of Starbucks coffee, lit my Basalm-scented candle, and sat around in my leggings browsing Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube all day. The same content appears across all three of these platforms: food (of course), style, workout moves, puppies and kitties, DIYs, more food, travel, motivational quotes, you get the picture- there is a total basic betch vibe going on.

I’ve only been called a basic betch once- by my friend Stephen, when I was making this soup. You see, Stephen was over and I was telling him how I wanted to shed a few pounds. I jokingly told Stephen that I was only going to drink vodka sodas, do Pilates, and eat this basic vegetable soup to do it. Stephen, being as witty as he is, laughed to himself then turned around and said “No, you mean you’re going to eat Basic Betch-table Soup“. I died. I loved it. The name was perfect. And hence, Basic Betch-table Soup was born.


This soup recipe comes together quickly and is very versatile as it can be made with whatever veggies you have in your fridge (except for bell peppers and broccoli…I REALLY don’t recommend that). I love to add zucchini, tomato, and white navy beans to the recipe to give it a minestrone-like flavour and heartiness.

So, the next time whenever you’re like #I’mTooColdForThis or you “literally can’t even”, warm yourself up with a nice hot bowl of Basic Betch-table Soup.

See the full recipe here!



2 thoughts on “Basic Betch-table Soup

  1. I love a good soup and this sounds hearty. Even better using up the veg in the fridge! Happy 2017! 🙂

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