Holiday Gift Guide 2019

We are on to our sixth day of my #12DaysOfChristmas series! Have you been liking this series so far? Today, I have a great collection of gifts to give this holiday that will be perfect for any foodie on your list! As a bonus, all of these products are all local to Vancouver Island!

Not only do I love these products and have used them time and time again, supporting local businesses is a great way for your money to feed directly back into local communities and the local economy. In my opinion, that’s much better than my money going to big corporations! And with the amazing quality of these products, they are much better than any shopping mall gift any day! 

Picot Collective Honey Tobacco Candle 

This has been my favourite candle discovery of the DECADE thanks to my friend Alex! She introduced me to this local company, Picot Collective, and I have loved their signature fragrance: Honey Tobacco. Apart from what you may infer from the name, the candle does not smell like cigarettes, rather, it smells like sweet vanilla and a bit of men’s cologne. I love the scent of this candle for my home since it’s both masculine and feminine- perfect for me and David! 

This Honey Tobacco candle is made of soy wax and comes in a 10oz and 16oz sizes, and with either white or black labels. You can find Picot Collectives candles online and at local markets in Victoria and around town. 

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Edible Vancouver Island Magazine Subscription

This year, I wrote an article for Edible Vancouver Island’s website and it was one of the coolest things I’ve done this year for my blog! They have such amazing writers and photographers that capture the essence of food culture on Vancouver Island and pull it all together in quarterly magazines that are basically works of art. I have a collection going at home!

These magazines are dropped off at various locations across Vancouver Island when a new issue is released. But instead of wondering where to get them (or if there are any left!), you can now subscribe to the magazine online and have it delivered to your door!

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Babe’s Jun Elixir

Babe’s Honey Farm made my gift guide last year, and they are back at it again! This time, with their Jun Elixir! Jun is similar to a kombucha, made with fermeted tea, and is normally sweetened with sugar. However, Babe’s makes theirs with local honey! It has the perfect amount of sweetness and fizzyness and can be enjoyed year round! 

There are some flagship Jun Elixirs that are classics, including Ginger, Currantly Hip, and Mermaids Tears. However, they make seasonal batches as well with the ingredients that are available. We’ve had a nice strawberry jun in the summer, and a woodsy fir one last winter!

You can get Babe’s Jun Elixir at the Galey Farms Stand or at a variety of other locations!

Photo via Babes Honey Farm Instagram

Vancouver Island Sea Salt

Since I live on an island in the Pacific Ocean, you would have to expect that some form of salt would be on my gift guide this year! In 2019, I discovered Vancouver Island Sea Salt, based out of Oyster Bay, near Campbell River. I was drawn to them from their Kelp Sea Salt (and it’s beautiful packaging) that I saw in a local grocery store. The salty and seaweed taste is so Vancouver Island I just love it! 

Apart from their Kelp Sea Salt, they have a plain Flaked Salt as well as a Maple Smoked Salt and a Coffee Salt in their lineup. You can buy their products online or in local grocery stores on Vancouver Island and across Canada!

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Gift Cards to Local Grocery Stores

Some people may be iffy giving gift cards for the holidays, but I find that as I grow up, I would really love it if someone would pay for my groceries! Even if it’s a portion of my weekly grocery bill or the whole thing, this is such a great gift for a food lover on your list! 

If grocery stores are a bit too mainstream, consider another local specialty foods store or even a butcher or fish monger. This will allow your recipient to try something new or pick up a few items they have had their eyes on for a while.

My recommendations for the greater Victoria area include The Root Cellar, Finest at Sea, Red Barn Markets, and Fairway Market

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