Orange & Almond Biscotti

I couldn’t let the holidays pass us by without featuring an Italian cookie in my #12DaysOfChristmas series!

Growing up in a part-Italian family, we always looked forward to the Italian treats and desserts. From tiramisu to cannoli we had it all! But my all-time favourite dessert recipe (which just so happens to be a cookie recipe) is Biscotti.

Biscotti are a very divisive cookie; some people love them and some people really dislike them. I personally enjoy the hard, crunchy and crumbly texture of these cookies, especially when enjoyed the traditional way with a espresso or tea. They get their hard texture from being baked twice. The dough is first formed into a large log and baked whole. After that, the log is sliced into pieces and baked once again to really dry out the biscotti cookies.

There are endless biscotti recipes and flavours out there, but I really love this combination of  Orange and Almond. Almond biscotti are very traditional, but the flavour of these biscotti are elevated with the addition of orange zest, orange juice and some Grand Marnier– an orange flavoured liquor from France. The orange is subtle in flavour but compliments the almond really well. Plus, oranges are in season right now so it’s the perfect time to make this recipe!

If you would like to try these Orange and Almond Biscotti, check out the full recipe here!

Stay tuned for another cookie recipe coming tomorrow for the 8th day of Christmas! You won’t want to miss it!

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