Gingerbread Cookies

Today marks the kick-off of the “12 Days of Christmas” series on my blog! For the next 12 days, up until Christmas, I will be posting a holiday cookie recipe daily. There are some very traditional cookies that I have planned and some that are completely different than what you would normally expect. Moreover, all these cookie recipes are delicious and are fun to make this holiday season with your friends and family. Heck, I baked 12+ dozen cookies by myself for this series and I had a blast doing it!

Gingerbread CookiesGet creative with your decorations! i gave the gingerbread men bow ties and the gingerbread women pretty dresses <3

For the first day of Christmas, I am posting a traditional cookie recipe that many of you already know and love—Gingerbread Cookies! Gingerbread cookies are a staple during the holiday season. You can be very creative with these cookies by either making any gingerbread cut-out cookie you want or even making a gingerbread house! Plus, you can get even more creative by decorating them with icing and candy. The possibilities are truly endless!

This Gingerbread Cookie recipe is a fantastic basic recipe that you will get many compliments on. The cookies are not too soft and not too hard and they just have the right amount of spice. Additionally, these cookies do not expand too much once baked. This is great if you are making cut-out cookies since the cookie will maintain its shape. It is even more important when making gingerbread houses- you need to get those dimensions correct or else your house won’t fit together 😛

Gingerbread Cookies

Then most important step when making Gingerbread Cookies is to chill the cookie dough before rolling it out. Chilling the dough allows the gluten in the dough to relax and for the butter to set up. This makes it much easier to roll out and will yield a softer, more tender cookie. Based on my experience, rolling out soft and warm cookie dough doesn’t work out very well. You will use way too much flour to roll them out and it will change the texture of the cookies. So-moral of the story- always chill your cookie dough before rolling out the cookies. This is not only true for Gingerbread Cookies, but any cut-out cookie recipe.

And there you have it, a fantastic Gingerbread Cookie recipe that will be a major hit this holiday season! For the full recipe for these Gingerbread Cookies, click here!

Have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you tomorrow with my second cookie recipe! #12DaysOfChristmas

Gingerbread Cookies

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    1. Aww that is so sweet! And yes this recipe is very easy! I have lots of other cookie recipes that would be fun to make with your granddaughter! Stay tuned!

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