Fall For Local Market

This past weekend was full of wonderful local purchases from the one and only Fall For Local Market!

Every since attending the previous FFL market in April, I have literally been obsessed with this market! Obviously, the products are absolutely amazing (and locally made),  but the vendors who create these products really make the market extra special. Take a read about my experience at the market and to see what locally made goodies I picked up!

Obligatory shoefie!

After a quick Seabus ride into North Vancouver and a short walk, I arrived at the market venue, the Pipe Shop Building. Let’s just say, I am in love with this building….so much so that I follow their Instagram (which will give you serious wedding fever/inspo)! I love the large windows, wooden beams and high ceilings in this newly renovated heritage building. It feels so light and airy, even on cloudy, grey Vancouver days.

Bright and airy venue….

…filled with amazing goodies and people!

Looking around the venue, you could see bright pops of colour from venue decorations and vendor booths. The booths were laid out in 4 or 5 long rows in the venue with booths on either side. I really liked that the booths were spaced out a lot. There’s nothing worse than trying to look at stuff and you have people pushing past you and knocking you. The event planners really to the time and paid great attention to detail to make sure that this wouldn’t happen.

Details go all the way into the bathrooms!

My first stop at the market was at Short and Sweet Cookie Co. I met owner and shortbread genius, Andrea, at the last FFL market and we instantly hit it off. Not only over delicious shortbread cookies, but our love for blogging, local food markets, and travel. Once again, I picked up a big bag of Sea Salt and Toffee shortbread cookies. I love anything sweet and salty- so I feel like these shortbread cookies were made for me! I also tried a sample of her Bailey’s shortbread cookies and of course, they were incredible! Super buttery, sweet, and with just the right amount of Bailey’s….these will be perfect for Christmas (or anytime for that matter)! 😛

I’ll take one of each!

After perusing other vendor booths, Kaiko Design was the next booth to catch my eye. I have been on the look out for some cloth napkins to style some of my food posts, and these just fit the bill. There were a few designs to choose from but this neutral tan and white print caught my eye. It’s perfect for fall- and I’ve already taken a few pictures with them in it (stay tuned for the recipes!). This set of 4 napkins was $50- not too bad for locally made linen napkins! Plus, Kaiko Design is very environmentally conscious using water soluble-dyes and a special printing method that strives to reduce as much waste as possible during the printing process. I know I will definitely return here for more napkins and/or a few tea towels as well sometime in the future!

Kaiko Design at the FFL Market (far back)

Just around the corner, I stumbled upon Rootside Provisions. I had stalked their Instagram and website prior to visiting the FFL market since I have seen their cocktail mixers on Insta before. Plus, if you are a Season & Serve fan, you definitely know that I like my cocktails, so I made it a point to visit Rootside Provisions. I had a nice chat with owner, Michela over the cocktail mixers and what you could do with them. She had three types of mixers at the market: Ginger Beer, Classic Dry Tonic Syrup and Lavender Tonic Syrup. All the mixers are made with the best natural ingredients out there, which makes these mixers extremely flavourful and not super processed like other mixers. Although I really love G&T’s, I chose to pick up the Ginger Beer mixer since I love the warm ginger spice as we get into the cooler months. Michela suggested making a Ginger Tea with the mixer by combining it with hot water, lemon and honey for a nice warm drink. With that I was sold! I can’t wait to go back and pick up some more mixers from Rootside Provisions and create wonderful cocktails with them!

Samples, samples, samples!

I made a lap back over to You+Me Candles, who’s booth I had to pass initially because it was so busy. Just like any other girly girl out there, I love my candles. There’s something about lighting a candle that makes me feel so much more relaxed and calm.  It’s like therapy for my soul. There were many different scented candles available, from Raspberry Sangria, to Vanilla Bourbon, to Amber & Smoke along with various scented room sprays and mini tea lights. I was really in the mood for more of a fall/winter scented candle as the cool months approach and I thought “Walk in the Woods” would totally be appropriate. Let’s just say, it was love at first sniff. I loved the piney/balsamy woody scent to it. It really did smell like a walk in the woods! These candles are hand poured in Vancouver and are made from a unique blend of apricot and coconut. Plus, the wicks are 100% cotton so there are no traces of lead or any nasty chemicals like other wicks! I can’t wait to visit You+Me Candles again! They will be at the Portobello West Market next weekend (September 16-17) in Olympic Village if you are also inclined to stock up on beautifully scented candles and other goodies 🙂

FFL market goers sniffing some amazing scents at You+Me Candles!

My next stop was at Beth & Olivia Handmade. I couldn’t leave the market without picking up at least one beauty product! I was floored by the array of beautiful soaps, bath bombs, lip butters and body butters that were available. I really wanted to pick up one of each! Owner, Annie was there to show everyone the beautiful products and explain how all these products are made with natural ingredients and are able to fight ailments from chapped lips, feet and hands, to eczema. Truly miracle working! I picked up a Hand Butter for my desk at work. I always wash my hands like crazy after riding into the city on the Skytrain and from touching many door handles throughout they day and my hands are always dry from it, so I decided to give this butter a try. I love how it smells and how it absorbs relatively quickly into your skin. Plus, I find that you don’t need too much product, so it will last for a while! My boyfriend also picked up some goodies from Annie as well, including a lip butter and several mini soaps (and some beard balm from Barber & Co!). He’s going to smell mighty fine…lucky me! 😛

Barber & Co. giving free hair/beard trims! Caught this guy in deep bread-style contemplation 😉

My haul from the FFL market!

Coast Protein is a returning favourite at the FFL market. Since first meeting them at the first market in April 2017, they have come such a long way. They have gotten their cricket protein bars into many retailers including gyms and sporting goods stores and have even launched their cricket protein powder in two flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla! They are really doing their part to turn people’s eyes to a natural and sustainable protein that tastes delicious if I do say so myself. We picked up two Dark Chocolate Raisin bars and one Peanut Butter bar… which may or may not already be gone 😉

Goodies from Coast Protein, Barber & Co. and Beth & Olivia Handmade!

My final stop for the day was at Il Fioraio, a local floral design shop. I had never seen fresh bouquets at the FFL market before, and these looked incredibly special. I met the bubbly owner, Jacquie, who has a clear passion for these beautiful flowers. Wherever possible, Jacquie uses flowers from local growers in British Columbia and she is mindful of the environment, wrapping the bouquets in butcher’s paper and tissue paper. I loved the deep hues of all the bouquets that were available- perfect for fall- so I decided to pick one up. While her design shop isn’t open to the public, she does make deliveries throughout Vancouver. Jacquie also holds monthly workshops where people can come and design something fun and creative and take it home, along with a swag bag of local goodies! This month’s workshop was to create this banner (seen below)! I’ve signed up for her newsletter so I will be in tune with all of her workshop updates… and you should too!

Why hello there!

Beautiful fall arrangements!

Once again, the FFL Market was a success! I picked up so many great local goodies and met many amazing and passionate artisans and designers who truly make the market extra special. I can’t wait to see who I will meet at the next market in Spring 2018! Maybe even another puppy in a backpack! One can dream!

Too bad this little guy wasn’t for sale! <3 


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