Rhubarb Collins

Patio season has finally arrived in Vancouver! After the long and rainy spring that we had this year, I think that everyone is the city is happy that the sun and warm weather is back. I know I sure am!

To celebrate the start of Patio Season (and to start pre-gaming for summer!), I have come up with a special “Patio Series” theme for my blog this June! Every Friday, I will be posting a special cocktail that you can make to kick off the weekend. These recipes feature local and seasonal ingredients- right down to the alcohol. Yes, you read that right! Vancouver has a wonderful distillery and craft beer scene which I am going to take full advantage of 🙂 As a bonus, I will be posting a few extra cocktail recipes in throughout the month of June (i.e. not just on Friday’s) so keep your eyes open for them!

To kick off the start of the series, I present my Rhubarb Collins, a spring-like play on a Tom Collins. A regular Tom Collins is made with gin (new fave!), lemon juice, sugar syrup and is topped off with sparking water. In this recipe I am using Gambit Gin which is a dry gin from Lucky Bastard Distillers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I really like the balance of this gin in particular (some are too juniper-y), but feel free to use whatever gin you like best. For my local piece, I am using rhubarb- straight from Kins Market. Of course, I just can’t seem to get enough rhubarb this time of year so for this recipe, I infuse the rhubarb’s tangy flavour (and light pink colour) into the sugar syrup. It turns out to be such a gorgeous sweet and sour syrup and the colour is just beautiful on its own. When it is mixed with all the other ingredients, the light pink colour makes it look ultra femme and ultra fabulous… perfect for late spring.

See the full recipe here!

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