Host & Hostess Gifts: Winter 2016

On a personal level, I cannot go to any event without bringing something for the host or for the party. If I am pressed for time, I will head to the liquor store and pick up a bottle of wine or a bottle of nice craft beer- always a safe bet. But if I am organized enough, I will bring a thoughtful gift to the host or hostess depending on their style (while subsequently racking up some brownie points).


For this holiday season, I have curated a list of gifts that you can bring to any style of host or hostess for your next event. The majority of these items are made right here in Vancouver and can be bought in-stores or online (support the local economy!). I have also included a few of my own festive recipes that you can make from scratch if you are looking to save some money.

Whatever the occasion, show your appreciation to your next host or hostess with these beautiful gifts!

For the Foodie:

“People who love to eat are always the best people”… I couldn’t agree more with that statement. You know who your foodie friend is- they know all the best restaurants in the city, have watched the full series of “Mind of a Chef” on Netflix, and are always making amazing food for their get-togethers. They are guaranteed to love any one of these foodie gifts!

EastVan Jam

EastVan Jam uses local BC produce in their jam and a fraction of the sugar. There are a variety of different jams available- from sweet to savoury- all throughout the year. Your host/hostess can enjoy this delicious jam the day after the party on a slice of toast- what better way to start the day?

Purchase at: Various locations in BC and Alberta


Expression Cheese Spreader- Set of 3

OK, these cheese spreaders are not locally made, but you have to admit that they are totally adorable. Perfect for enjoying, savouring and tasting soft cheeses, these add an extra touch of elegance to any cheese board.

Purchase at: Chapters Indigo


Seasoning Blends

A thoughtful homemade gift that can be made with spices and herbs that you probably already have on hand, these spice mixes will help out your host/hostess when they are in a hurry in the kitchen.

See recipes: Here


For the Bartender:

AKA your BFF. Your bartender friend is always up to get #WGW (White Girl Wasted) and knows how to make many fancy cocktails. Sidecar on the rocks? No problem!

G&T Designs- “Cheers!” 100% Linen Cocktail Napkins- Set of 4

Keep a cool, casual, yet sophisticated vibe with these 100% linen cocktail napkins from G&T Designs. Screen-printed locally here in Vancouver, these cocktail napkins add that extra little bit of elegance to any cocktail party.

Purchase on: Etsy 

Wine: Quail’s Gate Gewurtztraminer & Quails Gate Merlot

Quail’s Gate Winery is located in Kelowna, BC and has been producing award-winning wines for 25 years.

Their Gewurtztraminer has the perfect balance of sweetness and goes down like water (well…at least for me ;)). Pair this wine with spicy, Asian inspired dishes to bring out the hot ginger and sweet lychee in this wine.

Aged for 18 months in French oak barrels, their Merlot is slightly sweet and smoky and, once again, also very easy to drink. Pair the Merlot with bold foods such as BBQ steak, tomato-based pasta dishes (such as lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs), or roast turkey.

$15.99 / $21.99
Purchase at: BC Liquor Store


SweetDeePaperie Wine Bag- “Enjoy”

SweetDeePaperie knows how to dress up a plain ol’ bottle of wine. This linen fabric bag is made locally in Vancouver and comes in different designs for any occasion! Best of all, the host/hostess can re-use this bag and pass it along to others…any maybe back to you!

Purchase on: Etsy


For the Designer:

Today’s modern minimalistic designs are shown to help with clearing of the mind- which makes sense in this chaotic world we are living in. These lovely little accents can be displayed on a table, shelf, windowsill, or wherever your friend desires the most.

Kermodi Living Art Succulent Plant

These succulent plants are perfect for the friend who appreciates aspects of interior design and has a hard time keeping plants alive. These plants are extremely low maintenance and only need to be watered once a month. There are different types of plants and potted arrangements available in-store so be sure to swing by and check them all out!

Purchase at: Parliament Interiors- Gastown


Vancouver Candle Company Neighbourhood Candles

Fully embrace the community, right down to the scent with these neighbourhood candles from the Vancouver Candle Company. Their candles are made with soy wax and cotton wicks allowing for a cleaner, longer burn.

Purchase at:


For the Person who is always cold:

For your friend who wears sweaters year-round and who’s hands and toes always feel ice cold, even in the summer. But…I guess you can’t really blame them for being cold this time of year. Warm up your friend with these warm, cozy, and delicious gifts!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Just as fall= pumpkin spice lattes, winter= hot chocolate. This homemade hot chocolate mix doesn’t contain any extra additives or preservatives (unlike the store bought stuff)- it’s just pure goodness. Simply add 2 tablespoons of this mix with warm milk and you have pure comfort in a mug!

See the recipe: Here


‘Girl With the Flowing Hair’ Mug

TheWhiteTeacup produces beautiful hand-painted mugs right here in Vancouver, BC! This one-of-a-kind ceramic mug will keep your favourite winter beverages nice and warm all season long!

Purchase on: Etsy



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