Sage Advice

Have you ever had this happen to you: you never hear a word or a phrase or see something in a long time (or maybe even ever) and then you hear or see it consistently? This happened to me this week and it totally creeped me out. For the past 25 years of my life, I have never heard the phrase “offer sage advice”. Then, all of a sudden- out of no where- I hear it four times within a week. Creepy, right? I always think it’s some sort of sign… and perhaps it is for me. Maybe not a sign that I should be offering sage advice to another person (I don’t think I am wise enough to be offering personal or life advice to people)…. but maybe it’s a sign that I should be offering my Sage Advice Cocktail to others? Yes. I think that sounds much better.


This cocktail offers a seasonal twist on the traditional Gin Sour. A Gin Sour typically contains gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup and is shaken in a cocktail shaker until it is ice cold. My Sage Advice Cocktail amps up the flavour with local Mountain honey (from Chilliwack River Valley) and fresh sage leaves. Topped off with a bit of sparking water for effervescence and voila! You have a fabulous cocktail to enjoy with friends and family this season.


See the recipe here!

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