Flower Seed Haul for 2022

Garden planning is in full swing in our home and I am so excited to share my flower seed haul for 2022. While I could have bought all the flowers from all the seed catalogues, I have selected a few varieties that I have success growing from seed before and some new ones that I want to try out (because I love a challenge!).

Read on down below (or watch my YouTube video) to see all of the flower seeds that I purchased as part of this flower seed haul for 2022 and how they will help me accomplish my flower goals for this year!

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Sourcing Flower Seeds

I sourced my flower seeds from a variety of Canadian businesses including West Coast Seeds, Stems Flower Farm and Vesey’s Seeds. While I have used West Coast Seeds and Vesey’s seeds for many years (and they are my tried-and-true seeds companies!), I will be trying out Stems Flower Farm for the first time this year.

Stems Flower Farm carries a variety of flowers that are a little bit more unique and uncommon. Even for familiar varieties of flowers, like snapdragons, Stems Flower Farm has a whole variety of colours to choose from to really tailor your cut flower garden. I am so excited to try them out this year!

Arizona Apricot Gaillardia

My Flower Goals this Year

This year, I have sourced a wide variety of flowers in the hopes of attracting more pollinators to my garden. I basically want to cover my garden in as many flowers as possible to bring in lots of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other species to help pollinate all of my fruit and vegetables that I will be growing in my kitchen garden. I am hopeful that this will increase the yield of fruit and vegetables that I get over the summer and fall months.

I also have a goal of expanding my cut flower garden. I have a plot in my backyard exclusively for cut flowers. While this mainly consists of peonies and dahlias, I want to add in a few more dedicated spaces in my backyard and front yard for other varieties of cut flowers including snapdragons, zinnias, and asters, amongst others.

With the cut flower garden expansion, I am really looking forward to picking these flowers to enjoy in my home throughout the spring, summer and fall. I have recently become obsessed with flower arranging and the more cut flowers I grow, the more I can practice my arrangements at home. I cannot wait to share these with you!


Cosmos are some of the easiest flowers to grow. There are so many different colours and varieties that are available and they make perfect flowers for a cut flower garden. They can be started indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost date or can be direct sown once the ground was warmed up.


Another easy variety that I love to grow in my garden are zinnias. Growing up, I was never really the biggest fan of this flower, but it has really grown on me in recent years due to all the amazing colours and variations that it comes in. I direct sow zinnias in my garden in mid-May as they do not tolerate transplanting very well.

China Asters

Asters need to be started indoors 4-8 weeks before the last frost to give them the best start. Asters are so gorgeous and make amazing cut flowers since they last more than a week in a vase! My flower seed haul could have been all China asters…they are so beautiful!


I grew snapdragons for the first time last year and I absolutely loved them. They grow super tall and the more they’re picked, the more they produce new flowers. I loved adding snapdragons to flower arrangements and I can’t wait to try more special varieties!


Although amaranth is technically a grain, I am going to grow a few varieties to use as part of my cut flower arrangements. Amaranth has a beautiful texture and I can think of endless applications to use it in my home during the fall! I prefer to direct sow amaranth seeds in mid-May once the soil warms up.


Whenever I see sunflowers, I am instantly happy. They add such a bright cheeriness to your garden and they transition so well from summer into fall. I am going to try growing some different colours of sunflowers as well as traditional yellow sunflowers to get a fun mix for fall. I will also leave my sunflower heads up over winter to provide forage for local birds.


This will be my first year growing stock flowers (Matthiola) in my garden. I have done a lot of research and will be starting them indoors 6-8 week before the last frost. I am going to place them in my front yard since they smell really nice, and they grow tall, which will add a bit of privacy.

Other Flowers

These are a collection of flowers that I will just be growing one or two varieties of this year. All of these varieties (except for the Blue Boy Cornflower) require them to be started indoors between 4-8 weeks before last frost and then transplanted out in mid-May.

I hope that you enjoyed my flower seed haul for 2022! Just looking at all of these beautiful photos is getting me excited for my beautiful and colourful flower garden that is on the way! Stay tuned for future blog posts on how I start my seeds and to see how these flower babies grow over the summer!

Let me know in the comments below what flowers you are planting and if you like any particular seeds in my flower seed haul!

Happy gardening! 🌱

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