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My name is Melissa and I am a policy analyst with a passion for cooking. I have grown up surrounded by food. My mother, sister and grandma are the best cooks I know hands down– and I am happy that the family talent has rubbed off on me.

Now that I am living on the west coast of Canada in Victoria, British Columbia, I have been inspired by the beautiful (and tasty) bounty of foods that are available. From fresh seafood to local honey, the west coast has a lot to offer from season-to-season and I am excited to dive right in and discover new things as the seasons change.

bahia grouse anna-olson

Photos (left to right): Bahia De Los Muertes, Mexico;  Grouse Mountain, BC;  EAT Vancouver 2015 with Anna Olson <3

On this blog, I will show you recipes that are inspired by the freshest and most seasonal foods that are available in my local area. Most of these recipes are my own creations or are treasured family recipes, while others are attempts at re-creating meals that I have eaten outside my home. Be sure to also look for my posts on local restaurants, bakeries, food shops, and bars on this blog. I do not eat out too often any more, but there are some great gems in and out of the city that I am looking to share with you.

For each of the four seasons, I will also provide a list of foods that are currently in season. I will give you tips to picking the best foods (how do you truly know when a pineapple is ripe anyways?) as well as cooking tips and recipes that can be made with these ingredients so that you may also indulge in the fresh and tasty treats.

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, don’t forget to Season & Serve.

I’m sorry- I’m such a cornball 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your background?

Although my last name is about as Italian as you can get, I am a mix of Maltese, Irish-Canadian, Italian, and Ukrainian. Most of my recipes on this website are Mediterranean- inspired as these are the backgrounds that I am most in touch with. However, if you meet me on the street, I will most likely say I am Canadian though!

Where did you learn to cook?

I learned to cook mainly from my mother, grandma and my younger sister (yes… my younger sister). They are the best chefs that I know! I have also learned to cook from watching numerous food shows (Barefoot Contessa, Gordon Ramsay and Nigella are my faves) and practicing at home. Maybe one day I will take a cooking class or go to cooking school….

What is your favourite meal?

A medium-rare barbecued steak with a side of broccoli with cheese sauce. *Drool…*

Where did you learn food photography?

I honestly have never taken a photography class in my life. I play around with my camera and different lighting setups to practice, though. Hopefully you will see my photos improve over time!

What camera do you use?

As per the question above, I am by no means a real photographer. I actually use my iPhone 8 for most of my photos and (sometimes) edit with software.

Where do you get your dishes and cookware from?

I am not in the financial position to buy fancy and expensive cookware (although I am eyeing a few key pieces…ahem..Le Creuset dutch oven..ahem). I mostly get my dishes and cookware from Homesense and IKEA or at thrift stores. I do leave notes at the end of my recipe posts that say where I got the cookware that has been photographed in the post as well as the designer (if available).

What do you do other than food blogging?

I have a full-time job as a policy here in Victoria. When I’m not at work I love to be out and about exploring the city… and eating! There are so many fun events, cool restaurants and bars, and local markets that I love to go to. I also like to get out of the city and explore the province of BC (they don’t call it “Beautiful British Columbia” for nothing) as well as other countries. My next big trip will be to Asia in fall 2018 (China, Japan, and Hong Kong)! On my lazy days, you can find me lying down browsing Instagram, Pinterest and Imgur.

Where can I follow you for more inspiration?

Right now, I am active on WordPress, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (@seasonandserveblog). My Facebook page is coming soon!

More Serious Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share your photos and recipes online?

Please request permission from me before you share my photos. My photos are copyrighted and are not available for free reuse or reuse with modification.

Please do not share my recipes online as they are copyrighted. If you want tell a friend or family member about a recipe that you liked, please direct them to my website. I do not allow other sources to publish my recipes without permissions.

Can I adapt a recipe from your website?

You do not need permission to adapt a recipe from my website. Note the key word: adapt. Copying the directions and explanation is not adapting. If you would like to adapt a recipe, please make sure to reference my website and recipe page from which you got it.

Do you do sponsored posts or other freelance work?

I have not received any requests yet but I am open to! Please e-mail me at the address below.

Where can I contact you to request permissions or if I have other questions?

Please contact me via e-mail (below) regarding permissions and publications. If you would like to comment on my recipes, feel free to share your thoughts with me at the bottom of my recipe pages. I also love getting your comments on Instagram- especially with emojis!

Have questions or feedback? Drop me a line!



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